• Musculoskeletal Pain in Children and Adolescents

    There is a multitude of reasons that musculoskeletal pain can occur early in life.  Since a child’s body is still growing and changing, it has very different needs than an adult’s body.  Evaluation and treatment of a child’s pain must be tailored to meet those specific needs.  If your child has an orthopedic injury or is complaining of musculoskeletal pain, and or movement disorders and poor coordination he or she would benefit from a detailed movement evaluation from a physical therapist. 

    Walking Deficits

    It is a normal part of development for children to turn their feet out, turn them in, walk with flat feet, or go up on their toes as they are first learning to stand and walk.  However, if this persists past the beginning stages of walking, it can cause development of an abnormal gait pattern, delays in independent walking, shortening of certain leg muscles, and eventually pain.  When caught at an early age, exercises, stretching, balance training, education, and/or splinting/bracing can be effective in correcting these walking deficits.