• Physical Therapists work in collaboration with health care entities to allow you to overcome limitations and pain.

    Therapists work closely with Doctors to design the most appropriate care plan for you.  These are at a minimum Master level trained and licensed professionals.

    At BodyWise Therapy-Fitness we ensure the you will receive personalized treatments in a caring and goal oriented setting. Our friendly staff will answer any questions, and consultations are free.  You can always ask to speak to your Physical Therapist about any special needs or concerns.

    We will ensure that your care reflects your personal goals and matches your needs.  We will do so by utilizing established, proven methods consistent with Health Science and current health care trends.  You're therapist believes in the power of continued education and knowledge-based therapy.

    "Physical Therapy is only as good as the therapeutic designer.  That is why I place so much importance on both education ant training so that I can better serve you, and the reason why I have established BodyWise Thaerpy-Fitness in the Carson Valley."

    (M. Haviland - Owner, Physical Therapist)