• Monique Haviland

    If you have a daughter engaged in competitive sports, she may be more predisposed to ACL injuries, knee pain and ankle sprains than young male athletes. The reasons for these statistics in young women have to do with growing hips causing changes in alignment combined with effects of surging female hormones. In addition, faulty body mechanics during running or squatting can produce poor body habits causing additional stress to the structures of the knee and eventual injury.  It is very important to recognize pain early.  Seek help from a professional specialized in women's needs and begin a regimen of education, muscle re-balancing, movement retraining and strength and conditioning.

    At BODYWSE Physical Therapy we pride ourselves with excellence in treating female injuries and recognizing deficits quickly. Our therapists are eager to answer any questions you may have and onsultations are free. We have a specialized ACL injury prevention program already in place. Bodywise PT would also like to introduce a new affiliate. Thomas Walker. PHD Physiologist as part of our raining team. He has served in our Armed Forces training our Strongest working athletes. Thomas is currently taking on new training clients at all of our facilities. Please call our offices for more info, with snow in the forecast. get your ski legs ready. gear checked, and please wear a helmet!