• Whet To Bring To Your First Appointment?

    Your Doctor will give you a prescription which you will bring to us.

    Your Doctor may also download one of our Prescription Sheet online.

    Before your first appointment we ask that you download (PDF files) and fill out the following forms, sign and date and bring them to your first appointment:

    Patient History
    Patient Intake (personal Information)
    Notice Of Privacy Act

    If you cannot access the documents, we can either fax them to you, send you a packet, or ask that you arrive 10 min early and fill them out right before your initial appointment with your Physical Therapist.

    Your first visit may take 1 - 1.5 hours to complete. Comprehensive findings will then be sent back to your Doctor to assess the Plan of Care designed by your Therapist with your input. You will then schedule your future appointments with our front office staff.

    Please Wear appropriate attire: bring or wear tennis shoes, shorts for lower body work: bring or wear a tank top for shoulder or upper body work.

    Once we initiate your therapy plan it is important that you adhere to all of your assigned treatments to ensure attainment of goals. Your Doctor will be regularly informed of progress and changes or any concerns you may have.

    *You may be billed a fee for non-attendance

    Thank you for choosing us!