• Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is becoming more mainstream every day, we see it popping up in our Instagram feeds and it is being talked about on the Today Show. But, for many people, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is still an intimidating mystery.  With this article we wanted to take some time to introduce this incredibly effective therapy as a viable treatment option for those suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. 

    Physical Therapists are musculoskeletal experts and are trained to treat the body as a whole. Therapists who treat pelvic floor dysfunctions have advanced training in the identification and treatment of the muscles, soft tissues, and organ systems that support bowel, bladder, and sexual function. Dysfunction arises in individuals when muscles or joints in the pelvic area become weak, tight, or painful. These dysfunctions manifest as symptoms including, back, groin, hip, or tailbone pain but can also cause incontinence, increased urinary frequency, constipation, or sexual dysfunction. 

    At the initial evaluation a pelvic floor assessment is completed.

    This assessment may involve examining:

    • an individuals comprehensive medical and symptomatic history
    • an individuals posture
    • a strength assessment of abdominal and hip muscles
    • an internal examination of the pelvic floor muscles
    • motor control and flexibility

    Treatment typically involves:

    • strengthening exercises
    • stretching
    • posture and positional changes
    • diet modifications
    • behavior modifications

    Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is extremely personal. Completing therapy treats the physical but can also provide the added benefits of improved mental and emotional well being.

    If you want additional information or feel like you or someone you know may benefit from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Evaluation please do not hesitate to call our Carson City office at: (775) 267-3396 or Contact Us online.