The mountains are open for business and we are sure you are excited about getting out and enjoying the many resorts in our area.

    Unfortunately Ski and snowboard injuries treated in the emergency room, hospitals, and doctors offices near 300 000 cases annually. 

    Common Injuries:

    A wide range of injuries occur during winter sports. Most common for skiers and snowboarders are knee injuries-specifically the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) during a plant-twist-fall, and shoulder injuries occur during a fall on outstretched arm often sustaining clavicle(collar bone) fractures or a broken or strained wrist. Head injuries also occur and can be very serious.

    Important ways to protect against injury must be considered, such as having appropriate equipment, matching the skiers ability with the mountain run(with beginner to advanced choices), skiing safely with a partner, and pre-conditioning to avoid serious injury during falls on the slippery white hills.

    Proper Preparation:

    • Maintain fitness: Consider conditioning for physical endurance during winter sports, Pre-ski training to achieve good muscle control during squatting and sliding, and balance training to maintain good form while pivoting on the slopes.
    • A 6-week pre-sport conditioning period is recommended to prepare your body for winter fun and can be designed by our therapists and trainers at Bodywise Physical Therapy.
    • Many injuries occur at the end of a sports day due to muscle and physical fatigue, and even hypothermia(freezing) and dehydration.
    • Prior to skiing/boarding do a short 5 minute warmup for example by walking about the parking lot or marching in place in ski boots, stretching hip and knee muscles, upper body stretches and hydrating before embarking on the hill.
    • Take several slower warm-up runs on easier terrain. Stay hydrated throughout the ski/boarding day
    • Know safety rules: when on slopes honor other riders, stay a safe distance apart, learn how to perform quick stops, merging on trails, and yielding to others.

    At Bodywise Physical Therapy we have a history of providing care for athletes of the US Ski and Snowboarding association and have had years of experience treating winter sports injuries. 

    We can design your individualized pre-ski conditioning program as well as address and physical ailments you are experiencing during the snow season.

    Stay Safe on the Slopes!