• You don’t have to look far to see most news outlets covering the devastating wildfires currently happening on the West Coast. While the economic and emotional impact are huge, the health impact extends far beyond those affected by fire. In our area the smoke has been so thick that the Sierra Nevadas have all but disappeared, schools have been cancelled and many are following the advice of health officials and staying indoors foregoing their daily walks and their normal exercise routines.   

    In the 2019 EPA Guidelines to public officials wildfire smoke is defined as a mixture of air pollutants where the particulate matter is the principal health threat. These guidelines pull research from extensive scientific studies which have demonstrated that short term (daily) exposure to particulate matter can have health effects ranging from eye and respiratory tract irritation to more serious effects including reduced lung function, bronchitis, exacerbation of asthma and other cardiovascular diseases and even premature death. So, it is pretty safe to say that when the air quality meter is in the unhealthy zone it is best to stay indoors.

    But, being indoors doesn’t mean foregoing exercise. So here at Bodywise we’d like to bring you some ideas to still “get your steps in” and your heart pumping but in a safer environment with clean air.

  • Getting your daily steps in while indoors:

    • Every time you’re at the sink (brushing teeth, doing the dishes)
    • When going up stairs, turn and face the railing and go up sideways working the outside of your hip 
    • Every time you pass your couch
      • Do an extra lap around it
    • While watching a show, set a timer to go off every 15 minutes
      • When the timer goes off, pause the show and do one lap around your living room
    • When you need to use the restroom
      • Choose the one furthest away
    • If you’re unable to hold it think about scheduling an appointment with our Pelvic Clinic
  • Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Bodywise!